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The Process


The following briefly outlines the process undertaken by us:

  1. Clients planning drawings received

  2. Quotation returned to client for agreement

  3. Contract signed

  4. Timber frame architectural drawings supplied by us

  5. Drawings agreed and client prepares base

  6. Delivery date agreed (usually 4-6 weeks min)

  7. Production drawings produced

  8. Manufacturing commences

  9. Timber frame delivered

  10. Client organises further work on building - Then when ready...

  11. Doors, skirting, architrave and stairs ordered (if supplied by us)

  12. Finally, the doors, skirting etc. are delivered (2 weeks min)

What Is Timber Frame

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The Benefits

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Interesting Facts

* Timber frame homes are as quiet and durable as traditional builds.

* Compared to traditional builds, Timber frame homes are faster to build, are easier to heat, require no drying-out time and have perfect walls.