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Did You Know

It is a common misconception that timber frame homes are noisy and have a shorter lifespan than traditional homes. In reality, they are just as durable and, due to the heavy insulation, have similar acoustic properties.

When you consider these facts, coupled with the many benefits, its no wonder that the majority of new buildings now constructed use the timber frame method.


The Benefits

The following are just some of the benefits associated with a timber frame home:


Speed and simplicity of construction

Whilst the foundations are being laid, the complete timber structure is manufactured in the factory. Once erected, the structure is rendered wind and water-tight allowing other tradesmen to work on the project. This substantial potential for parallel working significantly reduces the project timescale and the precision manufacturing process ensures every component fits perfectly.

What Is Timber Frame

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The Process


Interesting Facts

* Timber frame homes are as quiet and durable as traditional builds.

* Compared to traditional builds, Timber frame homes are faster to build, are easier to heat, require no drying-out time and have perfect walls.